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As many of you have probably realized, the PAGE 2 SCREEN podcast that I hosted for the International Screenwriters Association for three years is no more. It was an amazing run, distinguished by lots of great guests, thousands of listeners, and total support from the ISA. Still, due to some unconquerable variables, we could no longer keep the show going. 

So now, if you want to hear yours truly, you’ll have to hear me guest on other podcasts. My favorite is CINEMAJAW and I’m proud to have been on their show twice now in the past year. In the latest podcast run by Matt Kubinski, Ryan Jagiello, and Pfil Fujiwara, we discuss THE LION KING, filmmaker Jon Favreau, and THE FAREWELL. You can listen to our fun chat here.

Yours truly flanked by Ryan Jagiello and Matt Kubinski.

Speaking of THE LION KING, you are also likely well aware that I am the film critic for Creative Screenwriting magazine online and have been since 2017. I write two pieces a week for them and my latest review is of THE LION KING. You can read my take on the remake here

If you’d like easy access to all my past work, click the link to the rest of my reviews. Of course, if I don’t review a major film here at The Establishing Shot, it’s very likely that I did at Creative Screenwriting. On occasion, I’ll even review TV shows for the online periodical as well, and you can find those critiques here. 

If I make any other appearances on any other podcasts or shows, I’ll try to let you know here, but you surely can keep abreast of all movie matters that I post on Twitter as @JeffYorkWriter

Thanks for following, my friends, and for keeping the conversation going all these years. Onward and upward!

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