Hi! I’m Jeff York.

Thanks for checking out The Establishing Shot where I post my movie reviews and essays about Hollywood and the industry. Additionally, I draw caricatures to accompany the reviews of films I found particularly inspiring. I don’t draw one for every movie I see, but I try to review most of what comes out.

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More Jeff York Illustrated Reviews

My illustrations have appeared in the pages of all kinds of periodicals including Playboy, W magazine, Hemispheres, Automobile, Ladies Home Journal, Esquire and more. I even drew weekly for the Chicago Tribune for over five years. And my caricatures have been a part of The Establishing Shot from its beginnings in 2011.

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News, Updates and Other Stuff

From time to time I write opinion pieces, cover festivals, or offer my thoughts on other parts of show business, even the world at large. Here is where you can find all those articles.

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Want to look back in the archives for my thoughts on last year’s Oscars show? (It’s probably in there). No matter what you’re looking for, this is the place to peak to find all that I’ve published. To start, click the button on the right.

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